Emily is an EXCELLENT flute teacher. Her passion for flute not only shows in her music but also in her teaching. As someone who started taking lessons with her after high school, she was the one who inspired me to start loving the instrument again. Lessons are always an extremely positive experience each week. Even if you feel like you'll never improve in some "aspect" of flute playing--think again! My tone, vibrato and 3rd octave (all above-mentioned "trouble spots" for YEARS) have improved by LEAPS AND BOUNDS, because she NEVER gave up on me. In addition, she not only explains everything VERY clearly, but also focuses more on just the music at hand. I love that from week to week, there's always something different to focus on to improve; from posture to tone to interpretation of the music, there's always something exciting to look forward to! She also seems to have answers to all the questions I have about flute playing (and more!) and is easy to communicate with even outside the flute studio. I HIGHLY recommend taking lessons with Emily!
Amanda C
Emily is an amazing flute teacher! Not only is she really talented at flute, but she is also really good at communicating her ideas, which is no easy task when it comes to teaching flute. She seems to have an answer for every problem I ever had with flute! She helped me so much with phrasing and breathing, things that I've always struggled with a lot in the past. She is also really enthusiastic, funny, and supportive and she makes lessons really fun. Her easy-going personality creates a pressure-free, relaxing, and happy atmosphere to learn in. She made me love flute so much more than I did before and I feel that I've improved so much once I started taking lessons with her. If you're looking for a great flute teacher, I would highly recommend Emily!
Sophie C